ENS 491 Registrations

ENS 491 Registrations

Dear ENS 491 candidate,

1) ENS 491 project calls are now open for browsing in the dedicated mySU web site (https://mysu.sabanciuniv.edu/apps/fens/ens4912/).

2) Students should browse and decide on potential project(s) published in the web site and contact (via e-mail or in person) with the project supervisor faculty for "verbal approval". If you cannot find a suitable project from the web site, you should then contact with faculty members of your program to start a new project.

3) Following “verbal approval”, students can get registered to the course during the add-drop (25-26 September) period with "Special Approval" using the ENS 491 CRN code of the intended supervisor.

PS: ENS 491 Graduation Project (Design) and ENS 492 Graduation Project (Implementation) courses are mandatory for FENS students as part of their graduation requirements. Students who have completed 80 SU credits must register to ENS 491 and ENS 492 courses in two consecutive terms starting either at Fall or Spring terms (i.e. no summer school available for ENS 491 and ENS 492).

ENS 491 Committee